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The Digi Fund

The Who Cares Campaign is proud to launch The Digi Fund aimed at tackling digital poverty for young carers who access support from their local young carers service in Salford (Gaddum), Kent (Kent Young Carers), Wrexham, Conwy, Denbighshire (WCD Young Carers) and Cheshire West (Crossroads Together). These are all areas we are already delivering targeted work in. 

One third of young carers in the UK are from low income families and many do not have access to essential technology such as laptops, WIFI or smartphones. These are vital items all young carers need to fulfil their caring duties (eg. booking appointments, picking up prescriptions, catching up with school work on the go and staying in contact with the person they look after.)  The move to online learning due to the lockdown has made the need to supply young carers with the right technology even more urgent. These young people need access to education now. By providing young carers with essential technology, we can give them every chance to support their loved one and fulfil their potential - not only right now but in the years to come. 

What does this money fund? 

All funds raised will go directly to providing technology for young carers. We fund young people who do not have but can demonstrate a need for: laptops, tablets, phones, phone contract, headphones, wifi, data, chargers for existing electronic devices, programmes for study support (e.g Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint)

Thank you

Any amount you can give will make a huge difference.

The Who Cares Campaign and The Digi Fund is managed and administered by LUNG Productions CIO

Want to know more?

Find out more about The Digi Fund here.

One more thing...

Once you've donated, why not tweet to let others know about the Digi Fund - 

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